Communication toolkit to promote prudent antibiotic use aimed at general public

communication toolkit

The toolkit offers template materials and advice on how campaign organisers could engage with the general public so as to promote appropriate and responsible use of antibiotics. The template materials include key messages and slogans, logos and visuals as well as suggested materials for use by health authorities in member states.

The template materials have been developed with a view of capturing the basic messages that should be directed towards the general public on this occasion, with a view to resonating in particular with parents and carers of young children, due to the fact that antibiotic consumption in young children is generally high. The materials can be used in a number of communication tools aimed at the general public: posters, advertisements in newspapers, letters, postcards.

A key multiplier of these messages are school doctors/nurses and general practitioners, who can disseminate the information and help educating the general public about the proper use of antibiotics and the importance of keeping them effective.

Instructions for use of these materials

For further detailed information and ideas how to use these materials and organise a campaign on self-medication with antibiotics, please see the Guidance note.

Terms of use

Permission to use the European Antibiotic Awareness Day campaign communication materials is granted to all non-profit organizations and healthcare associations as well as all European healthcare authorities and governmental bodies conducting campaigns aimed at reducing antibiotic resistance and promoting the appropriate use of antibiotics.

Any other entities must obtain the consent of the ECDC before using the European Antibiotic Awareness Day campaign communication materials. To obtain permission for use of these materials, please contact:

ECDC would like to hear from you!

ECDC would be interested to know how and where the campaign communication materials are used, particularly if you think that your initiatives could be listed on the ‘National activities’ page of this website. For any questions you may have on the materials, please contact:

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