Plan a campaign

The ECDC Campaign Communication Materials for the European Antibiotic Awareness Day aim to support the activity carried out by European national health authorities so as to achieve a comprehensive and consistent communications campaign across Europe with regard to the rational use of antibiotics.

The toolkits offer template campaigns materials which may be adapted for use at national level and advises on how campaign organisers could engage to promote appropriate and responsible use of antibiotics. 



Checklist for prescribers in hospitals and other healthcare settings

information material, toolkit material

The checklist was conceived as a small card that can be kept in white coat pockets and consulted as a reminder of prudent antibiotic prescribing.


Poster for prescribers in hospitals and healthcare settings: Prescriber's checklist

information material, poster, toolkit material

The poster is a checklist of reminders for prescribers. It is possible to adapt it by deleting actions that are not deemed relevant or by adding some that are missing.