Campaign visuals - Sitting hedgehog/Straight-faced

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Visuals have been developed to help illustrate the key messages of the campaign, directed towards the general public - the visuals depict a hedgehog, with a message “Cold? Flu? Take care not antibiotics”.

The hedgehog has been chosen as the campaign mascot because this animal suggests protection as well as vulnerability. In these visuals, the hedgehog’s posture suggests taking care of himself in the recommended way: drinking liquids, keeping warm and resting. Two different versions were drawn – the first in which the hedgehog is slightly smiling despite looking obviously ill, and the second in which the hedgehog has a straight face. The two versions were developed in order to respond to different perceptions across the member states, as well as to provide a choice between happier messages and more serious ones.

The message “Cold? Flu? Take care not antibiotics” highlight that antibiotics are not effective against the common cold or the flu, and do not prevent viruses from spreading to other persons.

Sitting hedgehog/Straight-faced - Leaderboard


Campaign visuals - Design files - EN - [ZIP-29.62 MB]

For more information and ideas how to use the visuals please see the Guidelines for use of campaign materials aimed at the general public