Updated and translated infographic on antibiotic resistance and consumption


The infographic “Antibiotics – be responsible” has been updated with new data (2015 surveillance data) and is now available in all the official EU/EEA languages.

The infographic explains what antibiotic resistance is and highlights the extent of the problems that we are facing due to antibiotic resistance and antibiotic consumption in humans – in hospitals and in the community.

Antibiotic consumption varies widely between EU/EEA countries. In the countries with the highest consumption, people consume 3.4 times more antibiotics than in the countries with the lowest consumption. In hospital sector, the latest ECDC data show that consumption of carbapenems – a last-line group of antibiotics – significantly increased in six countries and none of the countries showed a decrease.

Furthermore, the infographic shows the percentages of resistance against the most common groups of antibiotics. Only 70 years after the introduction of antibiotics, we are facing the possibility of a future without effective antibiotics for treating patients infected by several types of bacteria.