How much do Europeans know about prudent use of antibiotics? – New translated ECDC animation


​A translated version of the animation encouraging Europeans to use antibiotics wisely and never against colds and flu is now available to use in national campaigns.

ECDC developed the English version last year as part of the self-medication toolkit. Now there are also two versions of the animation for each of the official EU/EEA languages: one with voice-over which can be used for broadcasting or shared on social media, and another one with subtitles which can be used for example in waiting rooms in health care facilities.

The self-medication toolkit offers advice on how national public health authorities, but also health professionals such as pharmacists and primary care prescribers could engage with the general public so as to promote appropriate and responsible use of antibiotics. The toolkit specifically addresses the issue of self-medication with antibiotics (e.g. buying antibiotics without prescription, using or sharing leftover antibiotics).

The animation is also available online on the EAAD channels.

Watch the video in your language: