European Antibiotic Awareness Day: new website, new online resources


Redesigned website, new toolkit for hospital professionals and a social media call to action: we are getting ready to celebrate the 10th European Antibiotic Awareness Day!

EAAD new website launch

The new European Antibiotic Awareness Day (EAAD) website is a more dynamic and easy-to-access hub for resources to raise awareness about prudent use of antibiotics and about antibiotic resistance.

The new EAAD website was launched on 16 October, one month ahead of the 10th EAAD. It features a full set of informative resources aimed at the general public and at healthcare professionals, including factsheets, videos and infographics. A set of communication toolkits that can be used to raise awareness about prudent use of antibiotics are available for free, together with a guidance document on how to develop a social media campaign on the topic. Stories of patients who battled infections by antibiotic-resistant bacteria and an overview of awareness campaigns on prudent antibiotic use and antibiotic resistance developed throughout Europe are also on display.

A new communication toolkit, specifically aimed at professionals in hospitals and other healthcare settings, was launched together with the new website. It includes factsheets, infographics, posters and leaflets that can be adapted to address a wide number of professionals working on those settings. The toolkit highlights a series of actions that should be taken to prevent the spread of resistant bacteria as well as the misuse of antibiotics.

To mark the 10th EAAD, ECDC has also launched a social media call-to-action initiative called #KeepAntibioticsWorking, that prompts all EAAD stakeholders, professionals and members of the general public to share a message on social media to explain what they are doing to ensure antibiotics remain effective.