EAAD 2023: Get involved on social media

Hashtags around the campaign

Joint the online discussion using #EAAD and #AntimicrobialResistance.These hashtags are used across countries, in different languages and by a wide number of partners and stakeholders. Use them and highlight your own content on or around EAAD! 

Global X Storm  

Organisations from around the globe will share the same message about #AntibioticResistance and #WAAW on 16 November through the social media platform X, to raise awareness about this issue and about what can be done to prevent it together. More information will be provided soon, and everyone is invited to share the same message, at the same time, with the same hashtag on this day. 

Reusable social media cards

Spread the word about antimicrobial resistance with our reusable social media cards.

You can use our images as they are, or download the editable versions.

Download the social media cards

Social media card 1
Social media card 2
Social media card 3
Social media card 4
Social media card 5
Social media card 6
Social media card 7
Social media card 8