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 Toolkit of briefing materials aimed at primary care prescribers

The toolkit offers advice on how campaign organisers could engage with primary care prescribers so as to promote appropriate and responsible use of antibiotics. The main aim of the campaign is to encourage and empower primary care prescribers to follow prescription guidelines for antibiotics and to provide them with the necessary information, messages and tools to inform patients about the risks of antibiotic resistance and direct their patients towards appropriate use of antibiotics and alternative treatments for viral infections such as common colds and flu.

The toolkit contains template  materials  and  some  suggested  key  messages  for  health  professionals,  ideas  for awareness raising activities, and suggested tactics for getting the messages across to both primary care providers and patients regarding prudent use of antibiotics. The toolkit materials are provided in an adaptable format (Word, Adobe InDesign) for easy adaptation and use at national level.

The primary target audience are primary care prescribers as they represent the group that most frequently interacts with patients seeking medical advice due to simple viral infections, such as common colds and flu. Primary care prescribers generally consist of general practitioners but in some countries also include nurses who can provide primary care and write prescriptions for patients.  


European Antibiotic Awareness Day Campaign Communication Materials

Downloadable campaign communication materials are posted on this web page and we welcome the use of the materials in local and national campaigns and events.


About the downloadable materials

The campaign communication materials provided on this page were created with the aim of facilitating the development of coordinated campaign materials on European Antibiotic Awareness Day in EU member states. They provide a common visual identity and content to the campaigns across the EU member states and help to make the messages more recognisable and consistent, thus more memorable.
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