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 Toolkit of briefing materials aimed at hospital prescribers

The aim of this toolkit is to support efforts at national level to increase prudent use of antibiotics in hospitals through dissemination of evidence-based educational and information materials. The toolkit contains template materials and evidence-based key messages which may be adapted for use at national level, and suggests tactics for getting the messages regarding prudent use of antibiotics through to the target audiences.

The primary target audience for European Antibiotic Awareness Day 2010 is antibiotic prescribers in hospitals. The secondary audiences are hospital managers and to a lesser extent hospital pharmacists and pharmaceutical / antibiotic stewardship committees.

The template materials provide a core of information and common messages but will be most effective if adapted to respond to the needs and situations in each country, even in each hospital. The issues surrounding antibiotic resistance in hospital settings may differ in each member state.

European Antibiotic Awareness Day Campaign Communication Materials 


Downloadable campaign communication materials are posted on this web page and we welcome the use of the materials in local and national campaigns and events.


About the downloadable materials

The campaign communication materials provided on this page were created with the aim of facilitating the development of coordinated campaign materials on European Antibiotic Awareness Day in EU member states. They provide a common visual identity and content to the campaigns across the EU member states and help to make the messages more recognisable and consistent, thus more memorable.



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