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 Twitter chats

​#EAAD Twitter chat
Every year, on the occasion of the European Antibiotic Awareness Day experts from ECDC, the European Commission, the World Health Organization Regional Office for Europe, European agencies and other partners will hold a live Twitter chat to answer questions on antibiotic resistance
Follow @EAAD_eu and use #EAAD in Twitter to post questions. 

24H Global #AntibioticDay conversation 

ECDC also organises a 24-hour Global Twitter conversation together with partner organizations from all around the globe.
During 24-hours of #EAAD conversation experts from public health organisations will answer questions on antibiotic use and resistance: to post queries and comments use #AntibioticResistance
Follow @EAAD_eu and use #AntibioticResistance

Predefined tweets

Antibiotics won’t work in the case of cold or flu. Remember: Take antibiotics responsibly #EAAD

Remember: Keeping antibiotics effective is everybody’s everyone’s responsibility #EAAD

Taking #antibiotics improperly contributes to antibiotic resistance – do not self-medicate with antibiotics #EAAD 

Self-medication is taking #antibiotics without consulting doctor - using left-over #antibiotics or buying without prescription #EAAD

Never save #antibiotics for later use, take leftover antibiotics or share leftover antibiotics w/ others #EAAD

#Antibiotics are not painkillers and cannot cure every illness #EAAD

Taking antibiotics for wrong reasons - colds/flu, won't help you feel better faster, and it may cause side-effects #EAAD 

Symptoms of colds and flu can be relieved w/ over-the-counter medicines. #Antibiotics do not work against viral infections #EAAD

Keeping #antibiotics effective is everyone’s responsibility. Join 24-hour global conversation, use #AntibioticResistance to ask experts #EAAD
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